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we offer full karate PROGRAM



Our DOJO Program is based in Traditional Japanese Karate under Shito Ryu style, we practice our classes using Japanese words, teaching Japanese karate stances with their proper names, we follow our Katas under Japanese Shito Ryu syllabus, which is recognize globally, .

We As the word Karate (way of the empty hand) suggests, this is a martial art that uses no weapons. It relies on arm strikes (uchi), punshes(tsuki), and kicks (keri). During practices and competitions, the main emphasis of any karate move is to stop before a critical part of the opponent is hit in order to avoid any injury and develop control over their body. Therefore, competitors are judged according to whether they show the appropriate controltempo, energy, and proper posture. Some actions are considered foul simply because they violate the spirit of the sport, like the excessive use of force. Today Karate is considered to be a great sport which develops disipline, self-control and high levels of respect .

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