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Dojo seienchin
Kyu Belt Test & Qualification
February 27, 2016
12 Medals!! 
 Dojo Seienchin at the international SKF 
Pan American championship 
 August 4 -7, 2017


3 more Medals!

OKF Toronto Open

June 04, 2017

 Dojo Seienchin recently had a belt test for their next kyu. All of the approved students obtained a diploma/certificate which has been approved by WKF and JKF authorities which are represented here in Canada by Kyoshi Allen Tanzadeh which is 8th Dan, also Pan-American general secretary and founder and president of Shito Ryu Karate Canada, the diplomas are also approved by Sensai Veronica Ramos which is the head master of the Dojo Seinchin and Shito Ryu Technical Director of the  London - Middlesex  area.  

A total of thirteen students were selected to take the test and all thirteen were qualified for the next kyu; which includes students going to black/brown belt all the way to students going to yellow/white belt. 

Congratulations to the students and our Shito Ryu family! 

7 Medals!!
 Dojo Seienchin 
Shiva Fighters Cup
Karate Provincial  Tournament

April 23, 2017

Karate is in the
 Olimpyc Games 2021


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