Dojo seienchin
Kyu Belt Test & Qualification
February 27, 2016

 Dojo Seienchin recently had a belt test for their next kyu. All of the approved students obtained a diploma/certificate which has been approved by WKF and JKF authorities which are represented here in Canada by Kyoshi Allen Tanzadeh which is 8th Dan, also Pan-American general secretary and founder and president of Shito Ryu Karate Canada, the diplomas are also approved by Sensai Veronica Ramos which is the head master of the Dojo Seinchin and Shito Ryu Technical Director of the  London - Middlesex  area.  

A total of thirteen students were selected to take the test and all thirteen were qualified for the next kyu; which includes students going to black/brown belt all the way to students going to yellow/white belt. 

Congratulations to the students and our Shito Ryu family! 

7 Medals!!
 Dojo Seienchin 
Shiva Fighters Cup
Karate Provincial  Tournament

April 23, 2017



The past April Shiva sensei held the Open Karate  Tournament  "Shiva Fighters Cup", was a great success for Our Karate Community and also for Dojo.


The Dojo Seienchin was present with 3 athletes and obtain a total of 7 medals;

               5 gols medals

               2 silver medals


The Sensei Veronica and Sempai Eduardo were represent the Dojo as a Officials acting as judge and referee for elite and novice matches in Kata and Kumite as well 


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12 Medals!! 
 Dojo Seienchin at the international SKF 
Pan American championship 
 August 4 -7, 2017

Dojo Seinchin won 12 medals at the 2nd  International Shito Ryu Karate Do Festival held in Gatinaeu Quebec, here in Canada from August the 4th to August the 6th. The tournament  Took place in Gatinaeu Sport center in Gatinaue Quebec, this 2017

 9 athletes from Dojo Seienchin in London were selected to be part of the Canadian Shito Ryu Karate Team. More than 700 athletes were competing representing several Pan-American countries. We also had the opportunity to compete against teams from Japan and Austria as special guests and raising the competition to the highest level

We are proud to announce that our  9 athletes won a total of 12 medals for the Canadian team. 2 Gold medals, 5 silver medals and 4 Bronze also 1 Gold Medal won by Sensei Veronica Ramos in the kata Female Master Division.



is on the move for the
 Olimpyc Games for 2020

Karate’s next move to the olimpyc aproval

The World Karate Federation, which was founded in 1961 and which has been hosting worlds championships every two years since 1970. Karate has been for third consecutive bid after barely failing to get the necessary two-thirds vote in 2005, and then being beat by golf and rugby in 2009. Today the WKF represents 185 nations and more than 11 million athletes and getting more acceptance in general, “The Karate Is On the Way” the KWF is working hard for showing to the International Olimpyc Comitee how international today the sport is and how the youth new athletes is creating new potential Olympians, and how the Olympics would benefit from karate’s inclusion. It’s also the WKF’s way to show the world how great sport it is, with an easier way to understand scoring system and a more aggressive fighting style than other styles. Karate has been held back in the past by IOC because it would be the fourth combat sport in the games after Judo, Wresling and Taekwondo. . 


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3 more Medals!

OKF Toronto Open

June 04, 2017

        Ontario Karate Federation held the First tournament of Karate, more than 300 athletes, coaches and head instructors get together representing theirs Dojos, the OKF tournament was held at Markham Ontario Pan Am Center


The Dojo Seienchin was represented by 4 athletes in the tournament in several categories which include;

 *   6 -   7       Boys and Girls Kata

 * 12 - 13       Girls Elite Kata

 * 14 - 15       Girls Elite Kata

 * 14 - 15       Girls Novice Kata


The tournament started at 8:30 am and parents and instructors were there to finalize the details for the macth.  Dojo Seienchin will take this opportunity to congratulated the athletes and Karate Ontario, officials, Referees and volunteers for the development of the tournament helping our "Karatecas achieve new techniques and experience for future  competitions 

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