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One of our vision is to Teach

"Karate as a way of life"..


      Our focus is on exercising our body and mind for all ages and abilities while training our students to be a part of Provincial and National tournaments,  having the opportunity to represent Canada in Panamericans and Olympics games, when the time comes. All this is possible because Dojo Seienchin and Sensei Veronica  Ramos, as the head Instructor of the Dojo, meet all of the national and internationals requirements. Furthermore, Sensei Veronica is the  Director of Shitoryu Karate Canada (SKC) in London Ontario as well as a Karate Ontario and National Official operating as a judge and referee in various tournaments.

          Sensei Veronica started practicing karate in 1988, reaching her black belt in 1999 in Venezuela; during all those years she was part of the Venezuelan National Team winning National and International karate tournaments in Kumite (freestyle fighting) and Kata (a system of individual training exercises) until she retired to become an instructor. Here In Canada, Sensei Veronica is working  directly with Kyoshi Allen Tanzadeh who is a 8th Dan black belt in Shitoryu Karate Canada, Founder & Technical Director Pan-American Shitoryu Karate Federation, Secretary General World Shitoryu Karate Federation, a Standing Director  allowing the Dojo Seienchin to have direct access to the Shito Ryu Japan Linage, and is also a Ontario Karate Federation Official.




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